School Improvement Plan and OFSTED

School Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plan

SGS Pegasus School will focus the following priorities for 2017/2018 – 2020/2021: -

  1. To be recognised as an outstanding school
  2. To be visionary and innovative in providing high quality educational and practical experiences by anticipating and meeting demand
  3. To enhance the quality of the experience we provide for our learners and our staff
  4. To develop responsive partnerships with all our learners and staff, parents, carers, professional support services, the local community and with other education providers
  5. To ensure we have the necessary resources to support our School Improvement Plan
  6. To provide an environment the school that is equipped for the delivery of high quality learning

SGS Pegasus School has specific objectives for 2017 - 2018 based on SGSAT Strategic Priorities.

SGS Pegasus School Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020




SGS Pegasus School "Readiness to Open" meeting was with the Department of Education (DfE). This meeting was held to determine if SGS Pegasus School was ready to open in September 2017, based on a number of different areas such as teaching, curriculum, governance and leadership. The information provided to the DfE and the outcomes of the meeting were judged according to a traffic light system, red, amber and green. SGS Pegasus School report indicates we were ready to open with some actions that are highly achievable.


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