Pupil Premium

SGS Pegasus School will receive Pupil Premium for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled to these in the last six years, and for Looked After Children. We are able to allocate the funding to narrow the attainment gaps and are held accountable for the impact of this funding.

We will use this funding to: -

  • ensure that all pupils receive the best teaching possible and that whatever barriers come between the pupils and their learning are removed
  • track the progress of every pupil to identify any gaps and use data effectively to plan additional support and/or interventions to lesson gaps identified
  • ensure that the development of good literacy and numeracy skills is a whole school focus and the responsibility of every member of staff. Where applicable, we will provide additional literacy and numeracy programmes designed to accelerate progress and remove barriers to learning
  • be proactive in early identification of any attendance difficulties and work in partnership with families with a range of solutions
  • support families and work in partnership with them when considering strategies and interventions to support behaviour
  • enable support to be given so that all pupils have full access to broad educational experiences, such as residential experiences, sporting events, career-linked opportunities
  • ensure no pupil is disadvantaged by a lack of uniform, equipment or food

Measuring the impact

The impact of these strategies will be carefully monitored to ensure we narrow the gap.

We will publish more information regarding the use and monitoring of Pupil Premium in due course.

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