Working in partnership

Working in Partnership within education

  • We will work closely with Local Authorities, local Primary and Secondary schools
  • These links will be our 'critical friends' in developing and quality assuring our teaching and physical environment
  • We will have regular meetings and monitoring workshops to ensure that our curriculum, environment and interventions are up to date and enable the School to be 'outstanding"
  • SGS Pegasus School is part of SGS Academy Trust – for more information please see
  • SGS College is part of the Concorde Partnership - for more information please see

Working in Partnership within the community

  • We will work closely with the local community, voluntary groups and employers
  • The curriculum will place significant emphasis on learning and practising skills in the community through regular outings and experiences. The school is geographically located within walking distance of local shops and cafes which will be used to practise skills learned in class, as well as, for example, travel training
  • We will actively encourage our local community to work with us, sharing their skills and experiences
  • SGS Pegasus School pupils will feel valued and supported by the community in which they live, and have the ability to contribute economically and socially to their locality and further afield

SGS Pegasus School plans to build capacity to invite the community to utilise our environment. Plans include: -

  • A school venue for family and community activities
  • Adult learning courses
  • Venue hire

We will publish more information regarding our working in partnership in due course.

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