Parents/carers and family members will be actively encouraged to be fully involved in their children's learning and in the life of the school. This will be achieved through in the following ways:-

  • Parent/carer/family members will be invited to be a class representative who will work with the parent governors. This will form the "Friends of SGS Pegasus School" whose meetings shall be widely advertised and open to all parents
  • Parent/carer/family members will be fully involved in teacher consultations, curriculum evenings and target setting meetings
  • Workshops for parent/carer/family members on a range of subjects including curriculum, interventions adopted by the school
  • Clear lines of communication, for example school updates via texts, emails and newsletters
  • Translation where needed will be provided by staff, parents and through commissioned interpreter/translation service if required
  • We will establish an area where parents/carers and family members can meet to socialise and share news and problem solve with peers

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