Parents views

"Parent View" is an online resource which gives parents/carers and families the opportunity to give their views to Ofsted regarding what you think about the school.

Ofsted will use the information parents/carers and families provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect and when.

Parents can register and complete a survey by clicking the link below

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We hope that if parents/carers and families have a complaint about the school, that our open communication with parents/carers and families will enable us to listen and make adjustments if applicable. We will listen to parents/carers and families and hope we can resolve any complaints in person.

Please click here for a copy of our Parent/Carer sharing guide "Compliments, Feedback and Complaints".


Parent feedback:-

  • "Dojo is very useful at keeping us updated. The transport is settling down and hopefully Henry's minibus now arrives on time. It was impressive to watch all the children file out calmly and climb onto their transports. Henry really likes communication cafe - we think this is a great idea" Mrs Baker (October 2017)


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