Our Vision

Outstanding by Standing out

SGS Pegasus School vision is to provide a truly outstanding, inclusive environment where pupil and staff teamwork strives for and achieves the highest levels of academic and personal success. This underpinning approach of inclusivity and teamwork will permeate all aspects of SGS Pegasus School.

"The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it"


SGS Pegasus School will exude a philosophy of aiming high. All staff will have ambitious aspirations for our pupils. Pupils will grow and develop to be self-confident individuals with skills to enable them to feel valued and involved in the community in which they live. They will contribute economically and socially to their locality and further afield. SGS Pegasus School will equip pupils with skills and strategies to enable them to make appropriate life choices, achieve their aspirational goals and make a positive contribution to society. SGS Pegasus School will be a positive choice for families with high ambitions for their children & young adults.

"Autism is part of who I am"

Temple Grandin

SGS Pegasus School will offer a pupil centred, personalised curriculum and teaching approach that fully develops successful learners individual strengths, skills and interests. Our curriculum and approach will challenge, be ambitious, extend and inspire. Pupils will be encouraged to be curious, inquiring, active and tenacious learners. We will promote life values of independence and interdependence.

SGS Pegasus School will enable pupils to achieve far greater outcomes than if they were to stay at their existing educational setting, as the school will provide a purpose built environment and personalised curriculum to meet the needs of pupils with autism. Being situated in the locality, the impact for pupils and families that result from out-of-area placements will lessoned. We will strive to ensure high quality, consistent teaching and learning and appropriate accreditation pathways.

Pupils at SGS Pegasus School will:

  • enjoy, achieve and feel safe at the school
  • be supported to develop techniques to manage barriers to their learning, such as anxiety, communication and social interaction with others
  • know that all their achievements will be recognised and celebrated
  • be proud to say "I go to SGS Pegasus School"

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