Learning Environment

SGS Pegasus School will offer safe and nurturing learning environment.

Our priority is to provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities in an environment to meet our pupils needs.

Pupils will be taught in small groupings by a teacher with specialist autism knowledge and experience. Each class will be supported by at least one learning supporter, who will be similarly trained and experienced. All staff will receive regular training regarding autism, teaching approaches and interventions.

Learning areas will be spacious with consideration for lighting and acoustics. There will be clearly designated areas for individual and group work.

The school will also offer a range of facilities including: -

  • Low sensory calming room/s
  • Sensory areas/rooms
  • Therapy room/s
  • Designated outdoor areas
  • Forest skills area
  • Specific curriculum rooms (i.e. Science room, Food Technology, Art room)
  • Sports facilities

We will publish more information regarding the learning environment in due course.

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