Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

For our Key Stage 4 students (Years 10 and 11), the GCSE curriculum will continue to offer breadth and diversity, covering a range of subjects for all students, but also offering opportunities for students to specialise in areas of the curriculum they wish to develop further. Pathways will be designed to be relevant for students and to match their talents and interests. Students will be supported in selecting their personal pathway including traditional academic and vocational courses (GCSEs, BTECs, VCerts, etc).

SGS Pegasus School will work with other training providers to ensure a variety of possibilities and options for students in Key Stage 4. We work in partnership SGS College, SGSAT and schools within the Concorde Partnership to plan for the future and to deliver opportunities and fulfilling learning experiences.

In Years 10 and 11, students will be able to study a wide variety of subject areas. Their pathway will depend on how well they have progressed through Key Stage 3 and what they want to prepare themselves for in terms of their future study.

Students will be guided through this process in Year 9 when they undertake the pathway process and this ensures that they are on appropriate courses in the right subjects for the future.

The following pathway options will be available to students at SGS Pegasus School:-

Essential Learning courses:-

  1. English Language (GCSE) 
  2. English Literature (GCSE) 
  3. Mathematics (GCSE) 
  4. Science (GCSE) 
  5. Computing (GCSE)

In addition to these core GCSEs, SGS Pegasus School will support those pupils who are exploring further GCSES which will be delivered by SGS College (, SGSAT ( and schools within the Concorde Partnership (


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