Orange Class

Start of Term 1 (2017 - 2018)

In Orange class this term our topic is “All About Me”. We will be talking and learning about ourselves and each other. We will be exploring and naming parts of our body, looking carefully at our faces, talking about families and homes and recording what we do and do not like. Our outcomes this term will be to make a range of self portraits, an “all about me book” to share with the class and to plan and prepare a healthy snack.


End of Term 1 (2017 - 2018)

This term the children in Orange class have settled into their new school. They have started to develop friendships and learn each other’s names. All the pupils have started to follow a more structured timetable with literacy and numeracy in the mornings and topic work in the afternoon. This has been accompanied by daily phonics, attention and listening and story sessions.

So far, we have made tracings around our bodies, looked closely at our faces and drawn several self-portraits. We have talked about and used our senses to further explore the inside and outside school environment.

Next term we will continue with our topic ‘all about me’, talking about our families, homes, likes  and dislikes and special celebrations.




End of Term 2 (2017 - 2018)

Next term we will launch out new topic ‘bears’ by inviting children to bring a bear from home or a favourite toy to a ‘teddies bears picnic’.  We will develop each child’s communication, literacy, numeracy and foundation skills through exploring a range of ‘bear’ themed books including ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ and ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Our science project will be investigating different bears from around the world, their environments and hibernation.

Though the spring term there will be a focus on role-play. The class team will create daily opportunities for the children to engage in adult and child lead imaginative play activities. Towards the end of the term we will learn about and celebrate the Chinese New year.


End of Term 3 (2017 - 2018) 

Next term we will continue out learning topic of ‘bears’, listening to the stories ‘Where’s my Teddy’ and ‘Peace at last’ alongside our daily phonics, writing and reading sessions.

In science we will be conducting a mini project on plants and growing, planting our own seeds in class and making links to learning about measurements in numeracy. Our Learning and Life skills focus this term will be ‘knowing me, knowing you’, recognising our own and other’s emotions, talking about likes and dislikes and thinking about how to resolve arguments.


End of Term 4 (2017 - 2018)

Next term Orange and Yellow class will both be starting a new topic together: ‘Fire, Earth, Water, Air’. 

In Orange class we will be focusing our afternoon lessons on the science topic: ‘understanding the world’, developing the children’s understanding of people and communities, their local environment and change over time. This will include learning about different jobs grown-ups do including firefighters, aeroplane pilots and builders. We will explore homes and materials, plant seeds, hatch caterpillars and watch them grow.  

In literacy we will continue our phonics programme and launch the ‘colourful semantics’ programme to support talking and writing in full sentences. In maths we will focus working with numbers to 20 and problem solving.


End of Term 5 (2017 - 2018)

Orange class have greatly enjoyed our Topic this term: Fire, Water, Ground, Air. We have been focusing on ‘Ground’ and ‘Fire’ by growing our own plants. We have been identifying different types of flowers and trees and representing the natural world in different ways in art and DT. The children have been learning about keeping safe and will had a visit from the fire brigade. In Literacy our focus has been mark making and phonics skills and in Maths we have been working on core number skills.

Next term our focus will be on ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ by exploring different weathers, the water cycle, pond life, boats and planes. In Literacy we will focus on a weekly fiction or non-fiction book with emphasis on retelling stories and events. In Maths we will revisit shapes, measurements and introduce money.

The children in Orange class have worked very hard this term.

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