Green Class

Start of Term 1 (2017 - 2018)

Green class topic is How do we see? How do we hear? We will be investigating light and our eyes as well as sound and our ears. We will be discussing and writing poetry both as a group and also individually. 

End of Term 1 (2017 - 2018)

The children are really beginning to bond as a group which is fantastic! We enjoy listening to their conversations while they are playing together, especially when they are helping each other during tasks.  The children are now familiar with our structure and routine; tasks then activity or reward time and so on the whole, are keen to now complete what they have to do. 

Next term, we will continue with the same routine but include more tasks using ICT and computing.  Our “How do I hear, How do I see” topic will continue, bringing in to it Art; abstract painting and silhouettes and landscapes.


End of Term 2 (2017 - 2018)

Green class have each written, then edited, their own version of a known story with very little support, which is just absolutely amazing, especially when any writing was such a barrier for many of our children.  They enjoyed having their story read out to the rest of the group and felt proud when they received positive feedback from their peers. 

Next term, we look forward to introducing our new topic 'Should we stop eating Chocolate? I'm sure this is going to involve a few interesting discussions.  We will be researching the origin of Chocolate and Cadbury's as well as investigating and designing the packaging.


End of Term 3 (2017 - 2018)

Green Class (including the adults) have loved our topic this term.  Our class text has been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have had lots of fun and conversations about whether or not we should stop eating chocolate, thinking about balanced diets and nutrition. 

Through Science and DT, we have designed, made and evaluated our own chocolate bar in comparison with those we all know and love in the shops.   We have learned about the origins of chocolate and will carry on next term with Geography aspect of the topic when we look at where in the world chocolate comes from and human and physical features as well as finding out the History of a well known Chocolate company.  


End of Term 4 (2017 - 2018)

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our topic this term and has ended this week with a debate in class answering the question Should We Stop Eating Chocolate? The children took turns to give their own opinions and reasons remembering all the information we have learned to form their answers.  We have had opportunities for practical learning as well as cooking, trying and testing chocolates using our senses.  Great work Green Class!

Next term, we are really excited about our new topic 'Our Natural World' which we have tried to plan and adapt around the children's interests as much as possible.  It will have a Science focus of Plants, Living Things and Habitats which will link with Geography and the island of Madagascar, and the work of Charles Darwin in History.  David Attenborough and his amazing documentaries will also feature.                


End of Term 5 (2017 - 2018)

Green class have had a great term with our topic 'Our Natural World'.  We have made the most of the lovely weather by sketching and exploring plants and the natural environment. 

We've had a visitor from a farm in North Somerset, who brought in Rosie the Hen which prompted lots of interest and questions.  With so much planned for this topic, we will be continuing with it for the first few weeks next term, so continuing with recycling, global warming, extinction and Madagascar.  The second part of next term will allow the children to each choose their own project to research which will be really exciting.  The children have absolutely loved swimming this term. 

 As the first group from Pegasus to walk to the Hilton Hotel for lessons each week, they have made us very, very proud. Well done Green Class!


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