Anti Bullying

The text at the start of this web page has been created by Tyler, a pupil in Blue Class at SGS Pegasus School.


Bullying is a type of assault and harassment  

It’s normally assault or rude use of language like swearing or even racism. It can even get to a point where there’s photos or videos on social media platforms like YouTube or twitter and more.

Bullying is ruining peoples lives all around the UK and we need to stand up to it.

And that is why I have made this website page to make an end to bullying all over the UK.

All over the world this type of bullying is going on it’s called assault bullying. Which means this type of bullying is dangerous for the victims because the get very badly injured from this form of bullying.

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Yellow Class have been doing some work on "What is a good friend" and "What is not a good friend".



Orange Class have been talking about their actions and thinking about how to be kind with their hands.


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