You say, we listen, we act

We actively listen to Parent/Carers and take on board when we ask them "What can we do better?"

Below is some feedback from parent/carers from our January 2018 "Head Teacher Catch up" meeting:-

  1. Photos.  Parent/Carers would like a whole school photo book. We have asked for Parent/Carer permission via Class Dojo to make a "Who is at SGS Pegasus School" book. This will be sent home by the end of February so that pupils can talk about pupils and staff at school. 
  2. Hot lunches. Parent/Carers would like to know if these are planned as we currently only provide a cold packed lunch. We are meeting Chartwell Catering on 23.2.18. The main agenda item is how we can arrange hot lunches. We sincerely hope to be able to offer hot lunches in Term 5.
  3. After School clubs.  We are in the process of working out enrichment clubs to start in Term 5. We will be offering a variety of clubs on a Friday afternoons. We will also make contact with Shine After school club so they can send some information about an after school club to us.
  4. Speech & Language therapist. Parent/Carers would time to speak to the speech & language therapist. We will arrange a time for the speech & language therapist to contact parent/carers to answer their queries.
  5. Parent contributions. Parent/Carers were interested to know if we had much response to our "wish list contributions" letter. We have had some response but are still open to receiving items for our outside area. Parent/carers are asked to email school if they can help.

The outcome of our Term 1 & Term 3 "Parent/Carer surveys" can be found here.

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