You say, we listen, we act

 We actively listen to Parent/Carers and take on board when we ask them "What can we do better?"                                         

Below is some feedback from parent/carers from our October 2017 "Head Teacher Catch up" meeting:-

  1. Reading. Parent/Carers would like reading books sent home. We are in the process of determining which reading schemes are most suitable for our pupils and will order some "reading journals" so that Parent/Carers can see what reading has taken place at school and also read with pupils at home. 
  2. Photos.  Parent/Carers would like a whole school photo book. We will ask for Parent/Carer permission to make a "Who is at SGS Pegasus School" book for pupils after Tempest photographers have been. This will be sent home so that pupils can talk about pupils at school. 
  3. Class Dojo. Parent/Carers are enjoying this communication but would like even more posts. Teachers are asked to submit a post each day to share what has taken place that day. We will ensure more photos are added so parent/carers can see what is happening in school.  
  4. Hot lunches. Parent/Carers would like to know if these are planned as we currently only provide a cold packed lunch. We will liaise with caterers about this but parent/carers are aware of our temporary accomadation limitiations that this might not be possible.
  5. Special events - i.e. Red Nose day, Christmas play, carols with parents etc. Parent/Carers wondered if pupils could be given the option to opt in or out of these. We will discuss this as a team to ensure opportunities are given to pupils.


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