Yellow Class

News update:-

Yellow class will be looking at what it means to eat healthy food. There will be opportunities for them to try different foods, if they wish to and to plan the menu for a party. This will culminate in a party in the classroom with party games, food they have helped to prepare and decorations just in time for Christmas. Maths and literacy lessons that link to the topic will focus around data handling and writing party invitations.

News update:-

To finish Term 1 we have had 'Dinosaur Week'. We have searched for bones, made dinosaur masks and dinosaur paintings.

In Term 2 we will be working on our independence. We will be introduced to work stations that we monitor ourselves to work through our tasks and earn our rewards. Hopefully this will help us be more independent at home as well.

Some photos of Yellow Class:-


News update:-

Yellow Class have enjoyed looking at different foods thinking about how healthy they are and where they come from. They looked at how different materials change shape, some by bending, some by heating or cooling.

Next term we are going to be reading 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels' and have a go at using the saws and glue guns to make our own cars!


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