Thematic Learning

The National Curriculum subjects are delivered through a thematic learning. 

Each term a new theme is introduced with a launch. This may be an assembly, a visitor, an exciting object or news event.

Our Key Stage 1 classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage/National Curriculum learning objectives. Staff use a mixture of structured teaching activities, small group learning activities and free play, supplemented with Bug Club Phonics and Mathletics to support learners, to ensure pupils make good progress.

During all of these activities observations are made and recorded to enable staff to target the teaching to the needs of each individual.  As a result pupils are confident, enthusiastic learners who make good progress.

Our Key Stage 2 classes also follow National Curriculum learning objectives. Pupils are encouraged to develop their independence as learners and to become more engaged with what and how they learn. Bug Club Phonics and Mathletics programmes are also used in Key Stage 2.

Timetables include English and Maths lessons and Technology is integrated into lessons where possible. Subjects such as History, Geography, Art, PE, Design and Technology are included within thematic learning. For Key Stage 2 Modern Foreign Languages are taught. 

All of our pupils have a Learning and Life Skills thread running through their curriculum, teaching them core learning skills. More information can be found on our PHSE and Citzenship page.

For more information regarding our Thematic topics please see Topic Overview 2018 - 2019.pdf

For more information regarding each class termly plan for 2018 - 2019 please see:-

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